Making Fastly easier than ever with Glitch

Over the last few months we’ve been working on learning resources to get people up to speed with Fastly CDN and TLS using Glitch. We created a new learning experience to get you set up with the CDN and route your domain traffic through Fastly in a single flow! :ferris_wheel:

Using a Glitch project to try out Fastly lets you test and experiment super quickly – at the click of a button you have a new website you can edit in the browser and don’t need to deploy to get it online. Dealing with TLS (and DNS :scream: ) can also be an unpredictable, confusing process, so we’re hoping this guide helps more people put the pieces together with minimal friction.

:mortar_board: You can follow the steps in the Fastly docs or in the embedded Glitch project:

:mega: I shared a little more about the process and goals for this project over on the blog:

Stay tuned for a similar experience to learn all about edge computing…!