Using domains with Fastly

:wave: Over the last few weeks I’ve been putting together some beginner resources on how Fastly enables you to use domains:

These are some fundamental pieces of how the web works that I often see people struggling to understand, with DNS a particularly confusing spot. Of course Fastly is only one piece of this puzzle, but I’d love to find ways to make these activities accessible to as many people as possible.

What parts of managing domains, hosting, origins etc do you find most challenging? :mega:


hi , i just follow your tutorial to point a domain to my , but it does not work for you , can you help me to have a look , thank you very much

Hi there!

It looks like you’re using an apex domain for your site? The steps in the tutorial will work if you use instead of

If you need to use the apex version of the domain (without www or another subdomain), check out the Fastly docs: