Here's what our Fast Forward program members have been up to!

It’s been a busy spring for Fast Forward! Here’s a round-up of some big news from our program members:

  • At Kubernetes contributor summit, Arnaud Meukam, the Kubernetes Infra SIG lead, gave a readout of their work over the past year and what’s next — including switching to Fastly.
  • Eugen Rochko, CEO of Mastodon, sent out an update on all things Mastodon before heading out on his honeymoon. Have a great trip, Eugen!
  • Colby Swandale, contributor to Ruby, RubyGems, and the Ruby API, shared his reasons for switching to Fastly.
  • And David Marby, the maintainer of Lorem Picsum, shared how he keeps the service running while serving nearly 3 billion requests a month to over 50 million users.

What have you been working on this spring? Do you have news to share? Post it here so we can celebrate you! :revolving_hearts:


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