Mastodon server completely behind Fastly

Hi all, I’ve been using Fastly (free tier) for a few months now as a CDN for my Mastodon server’s media and it has been working very well. I’m considering placing the whole server behind Fastly and wondering how to go about this.

It seems pretty straightforward to place a static website behind Fastly but Mastodon seems quite a bit more complicated than that. Has anybody done this with a small server and perhaps written up what needed doing? There are a few blogs from people who’ve done this with Cloudflare, for example, but not Fastly.

I’m not a web developer (or any sort of developer, really) but a retired Unix systems engineer from the pre-container era so my Mastodon instance is just a straightforward installation onto the OS (currently Mastodon 4.3.0 alpha on Debian 12). I’d be interested in any information from people who have actually used Fastly this way and what is needed in terms of the Mastodon and nginx config.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @MikeZ we’re working on a post that goes through all of the details in one place. But as a starting point while we’re building that out, you should be able to take advantage of a default Fastly CDN service to cache and deliver your static assets.