Helm charts and docker image on Fastly?

Hi Fastly Community,

Hephy Workflow OSS project was recently accepted into the Fastly Open Source program and we are looking at ways to save on our AWS bills and turn off AWS. Our main project is a self-hosted PaaS API built on top of Kubernetes. Currently, it has been in a maintenance state because of lack of time for the maintainers to build new features on top of it.

In order to migrate our current infrastructure to Fastly, we wanted to see if there are any solutions to the following problems that we are facing:

  1. Does Fastly have something like a helm chart OCI registry we can expose to our public users and host our charts?

  2. Does Fastly also have the same solution for docker images OCI registry to host those images for our users?

Those are the only two remaining blockers for us in order to migrate away from AWS and host our whole project (static website, blog, docs, and registry resources) on Fastly. If Fastly does not have solutions to the above currently, is it possible to ask for some low-maintenance alternatives? Maybe GitHub Container Registry for free public images would be good for us? But what about our helm charts?

Thank you and we appreciate all your help!

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Hi @Cryptophobia

Thanks for reaching out.

I’m going to ping a few different teams internally to find out who would be best to help assist you here. Hopefully have some feedback for you soon.

Thanks so much for your patience!

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Hello there! A couple of quick answers for you:

  1. Based on Helm’s documentation about chart repositories, a simple static web server can be used to provide the necessary bits; the same mechanism you are using to host your website/blog/docs could be used for this too.

  2. We do not have a solution to provide an OCI-compatible registry at the moment, and unfortunately it’s not just a ‘simple static website’. I’ve personally implemented the small bit of code to support registry ‘pull’ operations (not push operations) previously so I know it could be done in our Compute platform with a small bit of Rust/Go/JavaScript. A caveat is that at the moment there is a strict limit on the maximum of size of values stored in a Compute Key-Value Store, and that limit will likely be too low for most container image applications. There may be other options in the future which would be suitable, though.


Hi Kevin,

Thank you for the answer.

  1. Yes, I believe the static website option for the helm charts should suffice for us. It may require a little more maintenance and work with the index.yaml file for helm charts hosting when we make each release of chart, but overall, it should be easier to maintain than the current chartmuseum (S3 backend) we are hosting for this.

  2. Yes, the OCI-compatible registry we will either switch to using github container registry (ghcr.io) with all of our images shared publicly or continue in docker containers using public images.

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