Domain is already taken by another customer


I am getting an error when configuring a sub-domain like:

Domain '' is already taken by another customer

Why is this prevented?

For administrative or billing reasons, we might want to split up the management of subdomains across multiple accounts.

A subdomain is not synonymous with a root domain. DNS is designed to allow delegation, or permit a large organization to split up their DNS into subdomains for management reasons.

Hi @sdarwin

Thanks for reaching out.

You can only use domains that you have control over the DNS.

If you were using as an example :slight_smile:, then Fastly does have a way to allow more than one account to use the same root domain. If this is the case for you, then please let us know and we’ll get a support ticket created for you.

If you have any other questions, then just let us know.


Thanks! I opened a support request this morning, and they were able to set multiple owners for a domain.


Great! Glad to hear it’s all sorted :slightly_smiling_face: