Discobot and the capy​bara

Having hunted the vicious capybara on many Discourse servers, I noticed an oddity in this one which seems odd and intentional: the text which looks like capybara and is intended to be copied contains a zero width space in the middle.

<p dir="auto">Try searching for the term “capy&ZeroWidthSpace;bara” in this topic</p>

Hi @AJCxZ0 and welcome! I don’t know the context of what “vicious capybara” journey you’re on here, is there some expected behavior where the actual behavior here should be reported to Discourse?

Thank you for the warm welcome, @jenn.

The new user experience with Discourse starts with @discobot sending a message requesting a response. The ensuing exchange forms a brief introduction to and training for using Discourse. One of the last steps involves testing search and term for which to search is “capybara”.
What is broken in this specific Discourse instance is that a zero width space has been inserted in the middle of the the word “capybara” used by @discobot as I showed from the source. The character is not visible when rendered, but affects selecting the text and causes a search of the copied work to fail.

The legendary savagery of the capybara has been frequently captured in image and video easily found on the interwebs… if you are sufficiently brave.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Thanks for the added info! I went in and updated the messages so folks going through the tutorial in the future don’t have that issue. I see this has been reported before but I can’t find out why Discourse sets it with that character to begin with! I’m a big fan of capybara so thanks for sending me on this little adventure, looking forward to “capybara” showing up in our members’ search queries :blush: