Product Release Update: Certainly - Fastly’s Certification Authority in GA, Next-Gen WAF GraphQL Edge Deployment in GA, KV Store in GA and more

We are continuously working to improve our platform, products and services. See below for the latest product releases.

Network Services

Certainly GA
Certainly is Fastly’s new publicly-trusted Certification Authority (CA) giving Fastly customers the option to create and manage certificates issued by Certainly to secure and provide trusted identification of any website or API endpoint served by Fastly. Certainly provides fully automated, domain validated (DV) certificates with shortened validity periods (30 days), providing a higher security posture. Combine Certainly with Fastly’s world-class support and you get a TLS powerhouse of security. Learn more

Fanout GA
Fanout is a one to many publish/subscribe message broker operating at the Fastly edge. Fanout makes it easy to build and scale real-time applications which push data instantly to browsers, mobile apps, servers, and other devices. Deployed on top of Fastlys edge making it one of, if not, the largest real-time data delivery network in the world. Learn more

ECDSA Fallback GA
Modern browsers support ECDSA (faster connection) but older devices do not. To enable customers using dedicated offsets to switch to using ECDSA, but continue to reach as many end users as possible, ECDSA will be the first attempt on a connection, but if the client does not send a matching SNI, or support ECDSA, we will make the connection using an RSA certificate. Learn more


Next-Gen WAF GraphQL Edge Deployment GA
GraphQL inspection is now available for the NGWAF edge deployment. Previously, it was only available for agent/module deployments. This provides improved protections for our edge WAF customers as GraphQL is quickly becoming a developer favorite for its efficiency, speed, and specificity. Learn more

Next-Gen WAF Aggregated Attack Thresholds GA
One of the major differentiators of the NGWAF is threshold-based blocking. This allows customers to enable blocking faster than other WAFs. Historically, the default thresholds for attack signals were counted on an individual, per signal, basis. With this feature release, we are aggregating attack counters across all 7 attack signals, so if attackers rotate their types of attacks, we will detect that they have crossed the threshold. Learn more


KV Store GA
KV Store is a key-value store that provides high performance reads and writes across Fastly’s network to enable more powerful edge applications. KV Store is great if you need global access to your data from a large number of POPs, and/or want to offload file storage from your origin(s). Learn more

mTLS for Compute GA
Previously available for network services, mTLS is now available for Compute. mTLS allows for mutual authentication in which two parties (in this case the Fastly edge and your origin) authenticate each other using the TLS protocol. This feature enhancement extends the ability for a developer to configure mTLS for Dynamic Backends. Learn more

Standard Go Compiler GA
We are excited to announce support for the standard Go compiler for the Go SDK v1 on Fastly Compute. Developers can now tap into the full range of Go capabilities and take advantage of a coding experience that is easier, and more powerful than ever before. Check out the developer hub for comprehensive documentation, examples, and starter kits, or check out our blog.

We’d love to field any questions or hear your feedback, so feel free to reply in the thread.

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Our Dev Rel team recently did an episode of our monthly live stream, Fastly Developers Live, about the Fanout release - @harmony7 and @kailan walked through a few demos, so if you want to see Fanout in action, you can watch the episode now on Youtube: