New options for users

Polyfill is a popular tool for enhancing browser capabilities. Many users access it by linking to the service, which has recently changed ownership to a new party.

In order to ensure that everyone can maintain reliable and trusted access to Polyfill features, we have identified a few alternatives:

  • First, Fastly is offering and as a free, drop-in replacement for in your code; this is a Tier 2 open source project available now.

  • Second, Fastly’s fork of the open source code can be used to self-host the service to maintain full control over the code delivered to users.

  • And finally, there’s a very easy option of removing it entirely, as most modern browsers prioritize cross-compatibility by default and you may well not need a shim to perform these functions.

Moving to one of these new options can help ensure the security, reliability and trustworthiness of your site. Polyfill’s code remains under the same open license as ever, and Fastly customers that need any help with this transition can reach out to our support team for help as always.