Monitor path access

Hi, we’re using fastly to distribute our firmware artifacts including installable packages. For each release we’re using a fresh folder, like releases/22.03.1, releases/22.03.2 etc. Since vendors use older versions than we officially support, we’d like to monitor how much those legacy releases are accessed.

Is there a convenient way to log and visualize the path access? I care less about cache hits and delivery times, just how much a certain (root path) was accessed.


Yes you can definitely do that, but the aggregation of the data can’t happen on Fastly because we don’t store information about the paths requested of your service. You will want to use our real time logging integrations:

For example, you could log the request url path (req.url.path in VCL) and a timestamp (now.sec), and send that to a bucket storage provider like AWS S3 or Google Cloud Storage, then download it and analyse it in the tool of your choice. Alternatively use a cloud service that provides collection, storage and analysis in one, like Splunk, New Relic or Datadog.

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