Hobbyist Access to KV Store

Hello! I found this excellent tutorial on JWT authentication with Compute which very closely aligns with my needs. I was hoping to improve the security posture by trying to manage sessions on the edge instead of relying on JWTs, which would be a use case for your KV stores.

Unfortunately, this is for a personal project that is bound to be mostly ignored and falls squarely in the “hobbyist” tier. Do I understand correctly that as someone not on an Ultimate paid plan I would not have access to KV stores? If that’s correct then what alternatives can I consider?

As far as I know, one must be on some paid plan/contract to enable the KV store.
Can cache API meet some of your needs? See the rust API at

It works similarly to the KV store, but KV is stored as a cache object (it could get purged by Fastly if the object is not frequently accessed).

Hi @kilb

Thank you for your inquiry, and most importantly, your interest in KV Store!

While we do offer a free tier developer account, which you can sign up for here, access to the KV Store is not yet available as part of that tier.

We will be taking your feedback into consideration while we work on the next iteration of our community-level developer account offerings.

Please, keep the feedback coming if there are other features you would like to see there. Thanks!