Feature Request: SVCB DNS records

Fastly already provides HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 for its CDN. It would be awesome if you could also provide SVCB/HTTPS records for your endpoints to allow clients to directly initiate a HTTP/2 or HTTP/3 connection without prior knowledge.

While still a draft, it’s already implemented by major browser vendors and one of your competitors.

See Add SVCB DNS record for tile.openstreetmap.org · Issue #898 · openstreetmap/operations · GitHub for a discussion of the Openstreetmap project.

Hi @bt90

Thanks for reaching out.

I enquired internally and it seems this feature (SVCB/HTTPS records) is something we’re interested in supporting. I’m unable to provide any more information at this point as to what the next steps are, or when such a feature would be made public, but it is being actively discussed.

Hopefully that helps for the time being.

Many thanks!

For the typical CNAME setup a hardcoded record like this should suffice:

dualstack.n.sni.global.fastly.net 3600 IN HTTPS 1 . alpn="h3,h2"

This is also how Facebook uses it: