Feature Request: Service Tags

Feature Request:

Ability to apply tags to fastly services. Use these tags as a way to filter services through out various parts of the Fastly UI (observe dashboard) and API (ex. metrics)


AWS has long provided the ability to apply tags to infrastructure resources. We can then use these tags to do various things such as cost reporting based on a single tag. I’ve long wanted the ability to tag Fastly services in a similar way. In an age where we deploy every single commit to a Fastly service we tend to have 100s of Fastly services in our account at any given time. We would like to tag these services with things like stage (dev prod preview) and product (cms backend internal). We would then use these tags to do things like calculate price for our CMS tag. Our CMS tag might span a CDN service, and a few compute services. We could also easily filter the observe dashboard by all services with a given tag, or even show logs for all services with a given tag or groups of tags.

Hey Andrew! Welcome to the community forums, we’re so happy to have you here!

That’s a great request, thank you: we’ll bring it to the relevant product team to assess.

and API (ex. metrics)

Just to confirm here: are you wanting a path parameter (or similar) on the Fastly API to do this selection? Do you have an example of a similar API you’d hope we’d present something similar to?

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