Feature request - Private Fiddles

Hello Fastly team.
Here at Prisa Media we have a lot of Fastly distributions with a lot of hands on them.
It would be awesome if we could test distributions with Fastly Fiddles directly (maybe an “Export to Fiddle”) and have them be private, since a lot of them have sensitive info.

Thank you for your time and a great product.

Hi Daniel,

This is a common request, for sure, and rather complicated for us for a number of reasons. For example, if we were to make fiddles private, we’d need to be able to assure you of the same levels of data security that you get in our main control panel, and right now Fiddle is a developer tool operated out of the devrel infrastructure, rather than our production network. This is also why it’s not currently possible to ‘export to fiddle’ though we have tried to make it easy to go the other way.

One solution I often suggest is that you can create a fiddle, use it to do your testing, and then simply erase it afterwards. Fiddles are not listed or discoverable unless you know the URL (or unless you choose to publish your own fiddle URLs). This works for VCL fiddles because we do not keep any history of changes or previous states, so if you just delete the code, leaving the editor UI empty, there’s nothing left behind. It is not recommended for compute fiddles because we do keep an archive of compiled binaries.

I will also add a record of your request to our tracker so our product team can be fully aware of the demand for an integrated fiddle experience within our control panel.