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You typed: “will you politely remove the user of domain and IPs of(list below) from my wife’s iPhone. Reverse WHOIS Results — Domain”

Pinging from Virginia today, but 5 years of trace route runs worldwide. OS is always MS; probably followed us from Seattle,…8 years ago. 2014 she was hacked from the Rambler breach then PDL 2o19. HauteLook 2018, VerficationsO 2019. I found 130+ pages of code that tucked behind a .GIF image on her facebook messenger account from 2014, on page 70 code language changes from English to Russian. I wrapped into .pdf and stuck it on a hard drive, removed the .exe to quarantine: but that’sw for someone else to play with
I found this mess February 2020 while refinancing my mortgage @2.7%, and by mess I mean, Identity theft; hacked my bank accounts, every device on my home network; printers, TVs, security cameras and my dishwasher.

This user is your customer and has tremendous talent so be careful, I have watched 16 people’s IP addresses populate the login activity in her facebook account, in one night. I have been chasing this hacker for 5 straight years, 2am i get IPs from the read receipts on emails my wife read 4 days ago.

oksanarice@gmail.com is a live breach, many visitors daily.

The Federal Trade Commission is taking the 3TBs of raw data i pulled from the devices, 2009 through 2020; Google/Facebook/Apple/Microsoft. Download my data button took 3 weeks to complete, woman deleted nothing.