Have I been banned in Fastly? Or Fastly outage?

Hi there,

Recently a complete C class IP range from a Company not involved with fastly has lost connectivity to any domain behind fastly. They are workers from a company, and it’s annoying to workers, and also to companies that tries to give us their services.
We’ve analyzed several blacklist and we are not in any of them. But on the other hand we cannot open a ticket because we aren’t fastly clients.

All the communications to hundreds of domains ends in a traceroute in fastly-ic-344515.ip.twelve99-cust.net (, and suddently there are no more communcation.

Is there a problem with this edge pop? or it is a problem with the source?

Please provide a source IP address which generates this behavior and we’ll get our network team to take a look.

Hi there, and thank you for your response. The source network is

Another support ticket has been created for this and our support team has been asked to handle it; apologies that your original ticket got closed as ‘solved’ without a solution.

Thanks to Kevin and the Community to help us to find a solution. We found a problem between Equinix and Fastly, but they found the problem, and currently everything is working fine.