What is the best way to integrate with the customer's existing package?

I would like to develop a plug-in to integrate with existing packages.
Is it possible? if yes, What is the best way to do it?

Hi @tchelet

Thanks for reaching out!

Would it be possible to provide some extract context/details about what your ‘plug-in’ would do?


my plug-in should take some parameters from the request and the response such as URL, headers bodies. builds a JSON from these parameters and sends them by HTTPS Logging.
How can I migrate my JS-based package to customer service which contains a package?

Thanks @tchelet for clarifying.

You mentioned you have a JavaScript based package.

You could either:

A. Develop an open-source package users install and can hook up to their existing code.


B. Develop an integrated solution (e.g. middleware) in the Fastly JS SDK.

Fastly provides many ‘starter kits’ for JavaScript:

NOTE: On each starter kit page you’ll find links to their GitHub repos.

You could open a pull request to add features to an existing starter kit, or possibly build your own starter kit.

You could develop a separate JS package that can be installed as a dependency to a starter kit.

You could develop a more integrated solution directly into the Fastly JavaScript SDK:

I’m not a JavaScript developer so unfortunately I can’t offer any guidance in that regards but take a look around some of the links above (especially the SDK) and hopefully that will help give you some ideas.