Sales and Support (London, UK) do they actually exist?


Is there any way possible for a non fastly client to speak to someone in sales team for some clarification on pricing? I have tried twice speaking with either an actual human or a bot, I am not even sure about that but failed both times. Long story short is that I need to speak to sales and yes I contacted UK contact number on website and it is not manned so that did not worked out either.

I am a non technical person and not a developer and just need some basic clarification about netwoek and compute pricing structure. I have waited 28 days which is a record so far for any company sales team to respond but I think I had enough of waiting and waiting and need to know from fastly if they are happy to provide the information or shall we just move on to other service providers.

It looks like the tone of this message is unhappy which is completely spot on. I am disappointed and gobsmacked that usually sales team members jump on the opportunity and keep contacting you non stop but here is the opposite of that.

If someone from sales can contact me here via private message then we can start an extremely short conversation which will help me decide based on our need and pricing structure. That’s all there is and as a potential new customer I had a horrible experience so far just to reach someone who can spare five minutes of their valuable time. On side note, if UK numbers are not manned then what is the point of having them on your website?

Thank you and kind regards.


Hi @myfreesignup, I’m not in our sales organization, but I’ll DM you to help.