Geolocation discrepancies

I’m attempting to use Geolocation and have installed a VCL from this page:

When I run the solution from that page, I get my correct location returned:

client-geo-city: feltham
client-geo-continent: EU
client-geo-country: GB
client-geo-latitude: 51.450
client-geo-longitude: -0.410
edge-geo-datacenter: CHI
fastly-client-ip: 2a02:c7c:6783:ca00:d857:7b1f:ed89:65b3

I have installed that on my Fastly service, and visiting the site that uses that service, I get the following results returned when I visit from the same laptop and location:

client-geo-city: dalwhinnie
client-geo-continent: EU
client-geo-country: GB
client-geo-latitude: 56.940
client-geo-longitude: -4.250
edge-geo-datacenter: LCY

Any idea why this might be?

Thanks for any help!


Hi Dan,

Thanks for reaching out on the forum.

It might be that the Fastly service you’ve created is doing a GeoIP lookup with a different IP (e.g. IPv6 vs IPv4) due to how requests are proxied through to (which is what runs the demos from the Developer Hub) and that might yield different results.

If this is a concern or you would like more information, then I would recommend emailing as they’ll be able to reach out to the relevant team to investigate and to provide a more definitive answer for you.


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