Fastly vcl condition/list | --json does not exists

In the following CLI command, we can’t get the list as JSON.
can you please add this option like vcl snippet
fastly vcl condition list -i -j --service-name="tchelet service" --version=latest ERROR: error parsing arguments: unknown short flag '-j'.

Hi @tchelet

The request you are making does not support the -j flag.

The link below references an equivalent API request you can make which returns a response in JSON format. Try it and let me know if everything works for you. Check the List conditions endpoint.

I just created an installation script through Fastli-CLI, so I can’t use the API.

@tchelet we don’t have a built in flag for JSON output for that CLI command. If you need to use the CLI specifically, you would need to build your own logic to transform the output into JSON format. Happy to help if you have any follow up questions.