Cache warming on different POPs


I have enabled shielding on Fastly with X location and executed url through curl from X location which results in cache warming for that specific url so all customers can get response faster and HIT in response.

When I execute same url from Y location, it results into MISS, MISS and x-served-by parameters contains origin shield location as well as current location example X, Y. Origin shielding is enabled and url is already warmed for X location so output should be HIT, MISS

Is there any way in Fastly to cache warm URLs for different locations / POPs?

Hi @ankit.jasani2911 – you’re already setting yourself up for success by using origin shield to help load objects initially into the network.

Do you have a specific use case or problem you’re aiming to solve through warming a specific POP? Once an object is already on your configured origin shield POP, the latency difference between a HIT, HIT and a HIT, MISS is minimal and only impacts the first request for the object. If the specific objects are frequently requested, you may be overoptimizing for little real-world benefit.