Wordpress Load Balancing


Hi folks,

can I load balance wordpress install (about 50+) over two servers (1 in US, 2nd in Europe)?

I have looked at options such as:

  • one DB/master slave db and rsync between both sites.
  • One master mysqld DB.

My servers are backends to Fastly (which auto load balances). If I add two This in my tests causes cookie related problems such as inability to login. Could any point me in a direction?

I was recommended to see AWS Elastic Load balance with sticky session.

From #wordpress on freenode:

< rrecurse> sticky sessions allow the traffic to get routed back to the origin server. if there are sessions active for colo and threshold is below limit, second instance stays up until sessions expire.


Also varnish notes this as having unique session IDs:

How will I be able to do in Fastly?

Thank you