What is the usage of reference ID in the purge request's response?


Whenever I make a Purge request, in the response I will get

{  "status":"ok",  "id":"108-1391560174-974124"}

My Questions are,

  1. What is the usage of reference id?
  2. Do we can use this reference id to get the set of purged contents or URL?
  3. If yes is the answer for question 2, then do we have any API end points for that?



The PurgeID is generated when the purging system receives the purge request.

It can be used internally by Fastly admins to verify if a particular purge request was received by any particular cache node, so it would really only come into play if you thought something hadn’t purged properly. It does not have the ability to convey any data about the objects being purged. i.e. it’s a marker for tracking the purge request only.


Thank you Peter…