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Is this an introduction thread? Well, it is now! Here’s my introduction :sparkle:

I’m the community manager of Fast Forward, our open-source program. :wave: I’ve been at Fastly for almost three years now. My favorite thing about my work is hearing about our program’s impact on our members, whether that’s saved time, $$, peace of mind, or whatever. So never hesitate to reach out with positive feedback :grin: (Or negative feedback - I love helping to solve your problems too!)

In my spare time, I’m part of a team organizing an annual charity event in Chicago (where I live) called the Chiditarod. It’s good fun and has raised tons of money and food for Chicago’s hungry! I also love spending time in nature, being a know-it-all about birds, reading books, and making art.

That’s me - excited to hear about all you Fastly devs. :slight_smile:


:wave: I’m Chris: I’m an engineer in Fastly’s Developer Relations team. Can’t wait to see and help all our Fastly devs :smiley:

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Heya! I just created a couple of Fastly accounts, one for my company Fission https://fission.codes to try out and experiment with our IPVM wasm stuff, and one for my fediverse co-op CoSocial https://cosocial.info to look at using Fastly CDN for our Mastodon instance.

Heya @haubles – would be great to host a Fediverse category here to go deep on things.


Hey @boris, welcome! @haubles isn’t around today but in her absence I went ahead and made a Fediverse category. Appreciate ya and the idea!


While I’m here - I’m Jenn Schiffer, Director of Community at Fastly by way of the Glitch acquisition last year! You can find me working with @haubles and @jennturner on all things community across Glitch.com and Fastly - if you have any questions about Glitch let me know!

You can also find me working on (and drawing with) my pixel art editor make8bitart.com - which is a Glitch app that is using Fastly for managing TLS!


Hey Boris, welcome!

RE CoSocial: Awesome! I was just reading about this on Tim Bray’s blog. Sounds like a great initiative.

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