⏩ Welcome thread — say hi!

Welcome to Fast Forward, Nick & the OSI!! :hugs:

I am Ruud, and me and the team run a few Fediverse platforms, like https://mastodon.world, https://lemmy.world and others.

We look forward to working with Fastly on getting our platforms more secure and performant!

If anyone has any questions regarding the Fediverse, let me know! (Hannah also knows a lot about it :wink: )


Welcome, Ruud! We’re so happy to have you as part of the Fast Forward and Fastly community. <3

Hi there,

I’m Jordan from Orangopus, I build open-source apps and utilities for a non-profit organisation. I currently build Ollo which is a social library for creators.

We’re thinking of implementing streaming and we’re so excited that we got accepted for Fast Forward. Looking forward to what this brings for our org!

Thanks for reading and hoping that this will be a great venture.


Jordan Nickless
Founder of Orangopus


Welcome to Fast Forward, Jordan :sunglasses: