Verifying origin cache related headers


Is there a way to view the cache related headers (cache-control, max-age etc.) served by the origin to Fastly? For example I came across “Fast-Debug:1” but from what I understand this only provides some Fastly related debug headers?

I want to inspect the headers provided by the origin to ensure that they’re correct / as expected as we optimise the cache behaviours: is there another way to do it besides connecting to the origin directly (a bit awkward to do)?


In custom VCL, you can add:

In sub vcl_fetch, close to the top:

set beresp.http.X-Origin-Cache-Control = beresp.http.Cache-Control;

And in sub vcl_deliver:

if (!req.http.Fastly-Debug) {
    unset resp.http.X-Origin-Cache-Control;

This will make sure to always attach the X-Origin-Cache-Control value to the cached object, but will only expose it to the client if Fastly-Debug is on.


Fastly respects standard response headers from origin. So unless you add a custom rule to remove it, always get the Cache-Control header (of origin) in your client even without Fast-Debug.