VCL: Is it possible to Asynchronously forward Request to a backend


I have a requirement where i should be able to forward the received request to a backend, but not wait for the response instead continue to serve the request. Is there a way to asynchronously handle this situation without making the client wait for two passes of request handling?



Hi Michael,

It would be interesting to see your actual question answered, but just to give you another option to think about: streaming logs. In this type of request, instruct the edge to deliver a static response without contacting the origin, and at the same time send an event to a log destination. The log events would then be collected and processed asynchronously by your backend software.



See also this nice writeup on the subject: Beacon termination at the edge.


Thank you so much. I could use syslog. But, i need to setup a syslog server for this.
I have REST-API based log server. Is there a way i can post my log by just posting the log to my REST-API. I see logshuttle, which is based on HTTPS. Is there anything for HTTP?