[Request for enhancement] Delete an old configuration version (to avoid mistake)


Hello team,

Each time we want to change our configuration, we need to duplicate the current version. It’s very good and works fine.

We have an old version which we have never put it live and each time we go to Configure > configuration. Fastly propose us to edit a very old version. (Here version 36).
It’s a risk of mistake as if we don’t duplicate the current version and work on it, it’s easy to reuse the old version 36 edit it and enable it in production !
We already updated the wrong version but we saw it before going live.

I am not sure the best way to do it but at least one of this solution :

  • Be able to delete this old version 36
  • By default in the menu : configure > Configuration : Don’t propose to edit a very old version
  • Display a warning popin when in configure > configuration : the user select a very old version

If you have a better idea, don’t hesitate, my target here is to avoid for customer some mistakes.



You should be able to use the version API to set 36 to locked.



I will do it this way.
@Fastly Product Manager : It would be interested to have it directly in the UI. Maybe it already exists but I didn’t see it.