Range headers / partial content



We’re trying to set up video playback over a Fastly CDN. Our origin servers correctly process the Range header sent by the client during the request.
However, as soon as we pass the request through Fastly, the CDN seems to first download the whole file and only then begin to deliver chunks. This causes a waiting delay for the first request.

Is there a guide on how to configure fastly for this purpose? I could only find one other topic taking about partial content and ranges, that mentions streaming misses. However, we want to use an origin server with HTTPS, so streaming misses don’t seem to be an option.

– Christian


Hi Christian,

Apologies for the delayed response!

Streaming Miss with TLS is something we have planned but I do not have an ETA for. I would recommend you submit a ticket to support [@] fastly.com with your specific requirements and we’ll see what we can do you with regards to implementation.