Problem with TCP resets


I know this is probably not the best place for an issue like this, but I have been unable to get any response from,, or despite repeated emails asking for help with this issue.

I work for a nation-wide SD-WAN network provider. We have been seeing numerous issues for customers in the Northwest connecting to sites using Fastly’s services. Specifically, we are seeing an increasing problem TCP resets causing connection failures to sites like,,,,, and others. It seems that making the initial connection to the sites often fails with a TCP reset, and then the page doesn’t load.

We’ve been testing doing something like curl -I, which we see fail roughly 50% of the time with an error like “curl: (56) Recv failure: Connection reset by peer”. We see resolving to, and when we do a packet capture of these requests we see a TCP reset as one of the first packets back from, which is what kills the connection.

We’ve done packet captures all the way to the edge of our network, and can confirm those TCP resets are already present in the traffic stream when they hit our network, so it is not some device within our network sending the TCP resets. It really does look like a problem on Fastly’s end, and we need their help to resolve it.

I wouldn’t normally post an issue like this publicly, instead preferring to work through the problems with the provider directly. However, this problem is causing impact for our customers, and we need to resolve it as soon as possible. Therefore, I’m posting here in case Fastly might monitor this forum better than their emails, or in case someone can provide a better means of contacting an engineer at Fastly that can help with this matter.


Hey @jarrettk this is probably a better conversation for a ticket, but I can’t find any record of your email to in our system (I see/read them all). Can you email and cc me ( to make sure everything is routed properly?


Austin, I just copied you on the email thread we have for this issue, which also was sent to the three Fastly email addresses I mentioned,,, and

Thanks for the quick reply.


I’ve not gotten the email. We’re on Google Apps over here for email, if that’s a factor.


I don’t know why or how Google Apps would be a factor. I just sent an email to a known Google Apps email from my work account and it came through almost immediately.

Regardless, I have sent another email from a gmail address. Please let me know if you do not receive it within the next few minutes.



Thanks for your help. Once we were finally able to get through to you, your engineering team was quick to help and we were able to identify the issue and get it resolved.


thanks for your help