No log data appearing in SumoLogic, OK in logentries



I’m testing out Fastly with test URLs and trying the log streaming. I’ve setup a Sumo HTTP source as well as a logentries token collector. Logentries is receiving data straight away, but it’s been nearly 2 hours and I’m getting nothing in Sumo.

Any hints on debugging where the issue is?


Hi @Nathaniel there’s sometimes a connection delay on the Sumologic side. After some reasonable traffic through the CDN, logs do begin appearing. Are you still seeing this?


Hi, no nothing yet. It’s been 24 hours and a few hundred requests (in logentres), but nothing in Sumo


Spoke to Sumo support and it’s a symptom of our low test-traffic levels. Fastly is opening a persistent HTTP connection but Sumo times it out quite quickly when there’s no data. Fastly doesn’t appear to reconnect.

I’m streaming the logs to S3 and ingesting those files into Sumo and it’s appearing now.