New Dashboards for your Fastly Logs


We put together a blog post on how you can add VCL extensions to your Fastly config to log additional parameters (e.g. Time, Date and GeoIP Related Variables) and how you can then search, get alerted and visualize your logs via the Logentries Fastly community pack

Some items included in the Logentries Fastly Community Pack:


  • Device Detection
  • Requests by: country, region, Fastly datacenter, country code, country name
  • Unique IP Count
  • Status Codes

Tags & Alerts

  • 200-OK tag
  • 404-NOT FOUND alert
  • 20% increase in a download of files larger than 1MB alert
  • Application Not Accessed for the past 24h alert


  • Device Detection pie chart
  • Unique IP counter
  • Requests by Country
  • Requests by Fastly Datacenter
  • Average Request Size line chart
  • Total Data Downloaded

Check it out here.