More affordable SSL cert hosting?


Do you have any plans for more affordable SSL cert hosting? Although AWS CloudFront is effectively free, we much prefer your backend tooling and custom VCL support. The thing is that hosting certs with you is cost prohibitive. Like insanely prohibitive. With the world moving towards everything being over SSL, being able to affordably run all ones domains over SSL is becoming an important factor when choosing a CDN. I’m sure we can’t be the only people in this position?



Do you need to host a cert with us, or would being on one of our shared SAN certs be a reasonable alternative?


@drwilco, would prefer our own cert. @JoJo reached out to discuss options, but for the record, I’m just trying to understand where Fastly is at with pricing compared to the likes of CloudFront offering hosted certs via SNI for free.


I am also interested in this issue. We love many of the benefits and features that fastly does offer, but the cert cost is a big concern for us.


@nieley just FYI, I’m still waiting to hear more from them on this but the initial impression I get is that things aren’t going to be changing any time soon.


+1 for Fastly SNI support. Shared SAN is great, but it’s a big price leap for lighter users. It would be nice to see wider adoption of SSL by everyone, given how easy it is to get a minimal level of certification these days – quite often for free.


I’m an SMB, and was a fan of Fastly, and was working through my setup today until i got quoted for a shared cert of $600/month PER certificate. Outrageous! i can’t use the solution now and will nee to check out other CDN’s. Hope this changes in the future for other users.


@Andy_Reilly - our shared certificate pricing is not $600/mo - you can see the pricing on this page:

Shared Certificate Service is $100/mo. The price you were quoted was probably for a customer provided/hosted certificate.


Sean, thanks for the quick response. You are correct in that Shared Certificate Service is $100/mo. In the time being we found another solution in (opens 9.12.2016) which is essentially Max CDN. They offer free SSL and free edge rules which is super flexible and cost effective for us. Still a Fastly fan, just doens’t make sense financially.


Sounds good Andy - glad to hear you found a solution that works for you all. We are always here if you need us though!