Link Fastly to my dedicated server and my proxies


Hello :slight_smile: ,

Ive a dedicated server and I wanted to use fastly.
I wanted to link it to my server.
Also, Ive additional some proies and I’m planning to link them also to faslty

Is it posible to do it?

I’m looking forward to a reply

Many thanks


Hi Maxou

This sounds like it’s the default type of Fastly implementation, where we’d front your origin server and cache the content it holds. However, I noted you said you had other proxies also. Are they proxying the same web content that the dedicated server serves? If so you might want to think about only using Fastly to cache and proxy. I don’t think there’d be much use in having 2 sets of proxy servers handle the content.

If you want to discuss anything specific feel free to email us at rather than post your private details here.