Inbuilt Support for Sequence IDs in Pushpin Events?

Inbuilt Support for Sequence IDs in Pushpin Events?

Hello Pushpin Community,

I’m exploring the capabilities of Pushpin for real-time event distribution and have a specific requirement related to event ordering. I’m interested in knowing if Pushpin offers any built-in support for the following feature:

Automatic Sequence ID Assignment: Is there a feature that allows for automatic assignment of sequence IDs to events on a per-channel basis? This would help in maintaining the order of events as they are distributed to subscribers.

These features are critical for our use case to ensure reliable and ordered event delivery without implementing additional logic on our side.

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Pushpin supports sequence IDs on messages (which are used for ordering, per-channel) but it is the application’s job to provide these IDs. They cannot be assigned automatically. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • When subscribing a connection to a channel, the backend needs to indicate the ID of the message that it most recently attempted to publish to that channel. For fault tolerance, this is intended to work even if the backend failed to publish the message.
  • In general, Pushpin does not durably store its own data and it relies on the backend as the source of truth. This provides deployment flexibility. For example, Pushpin instances can be destroyed and recreated, without breaking ordered delivery.