HTTP/2 support for our free TLS (shared domain)


Update on our HTTP/2 announcement blogpost:

We now support HTTP/2 on our free TLS cert, and with very little changes needed to begin using it.

Here’s how to enable HTTP/2 with your shared domain (free TLS):

Claiming a name in * makes the name also available via HTTP/2 in * Customers can use URLs with both names to take advantage of HTTP/1 and HTTP/2 during the transition before all traffic will be switched to HTTP/2.

Existing shared domain names:

  • Note: the current domain that’s listed in your service configuration can be found here with a nomenclature of *
  • The new DNS name to enable HTTP/2 is *
  • Do not update your configuration to use the new DNS nomenclature — it’s automatically done for you

For example, already exists in my configuration and I want to take advantage of HTTP/2. Again, I don’t change anything in my configuration, I simply update my host domain to use and voila, HTTP/2 works! My existing domain is also still available for use (though it only supports HTTP/1.1).

Creating new shared domain names:

Follow our documentation found here and continue using the * naming convention when you create your domain.

After you create your domain, both maps will immediately be available for use with the same convention as noted above:

  • * – supports only HTTP/1.1
  • * – supports HTTP/2 and HTTP/1.1