How do I redirect HTTPS to HTTP


While the more commonly-asked-for HTTP to HTTPS request can be easily satisfied via a switch in our UI Request Settings, there’s also the situation where customers would like to redirect HTTPS to HTTP. There are two ways in which to accomplish this.

1.Check for TLS & Redirect

Please NOTE: Users will still see the TLS error for this domain.


  • Your other option would be to point your traffic away from TLS. You can accomplish this by changing your CNAME to an endpoint which doesn’t listen for TLS requests: There is a billing implication to using our global datacenters, so please let us know if for example, you’re only utilizing our U.S. & E.U. PoPs, and we can give you an endpoint that matches your requirements. Requests can be sent to support@fastly.


Something to note as an update to this post:

If you see any issues with purging by URL, you will need to reorder where you have inserted this logic.