Heroku add-on vs normal account


Since the Heroku add-on does not give access to the standard console GUI, I was wondering if instead of getting the add-on I would be better off getting a regular account and then figuring it out how to make it work with Heroku.

Would that be possible?


Hey Alex,

The Heroku dashboard is streamlined for low-friction ease-of-use. If you want something that provisions in one click or command, the add-on is perfect. However, if you’re looking to use our fully featured direct access dashboard, app.fastly.com, to configure Fastly services, please see our ‘Getting Started Guides’ found here: https://docs.fastly.com/guides/getting-started/sign-up-and-create-your-first-service.


I’ll switch then to the regular account and configure it to work with Heroku.