Fastly Purge Web UI


My company has been using Cedexis for years which has a multi-cdn purge utility - it lets our non-technical people refresh objecs - they just enter into a text box and Cedexis calls the appropriate CDN’s API to purge that object.

We’re terminating our Cedexis contract in 2019 and need to replace this tool with something in-house, before I start writing something is anyone familiar with something that already exists? Needs to run in-browser, language doesn’t matter, must be self-hosted.


Hi Nik,

We have a purge mechanism in our API, presumably the endpoint that Cedexis calls:

We also provide a UI to do it via our management interface:


The Fastly UI is fine for occasional use but cumbersome for a non-technical user who wants to purge by url and uses it every day. Down the road we might have an automation project to assist with this but that won’t be for some time, so in the mean time I need to offer these users an idiot-proof way to quickly refresh multiple objects by url.