Fastly is suboptimal when using Google DNS



Ever since the switch to the Fastly run DNS (, Google DNS using clients are being redirected to suboptimal POPs.

I end up somewhere in Chicago when I’m based in SF.

Looks like the Fastly servers don’t support EDNS0.



If you send in the text block you get from visiting to
It’ll help us to investigate and take action.



Google DNS + Bay area + Fastly seems like it’s not working that well: Our office traffic to our CDN constantly gets routed to SEA or LAX instead of SJC. While the bay area in no way represents all of our customers, it’s annoying as it slows down our content in our own office.


We recently started returning anycast answers for queries from public resolvers like OpenDNS and Google Public DNS. This should result in better performance for users coming through those resolvers. We’re also working on EDNS Client Subnet support which will help as well.