Fastly CDN content blocked by the Great Firewall of China


Are there any strategies for dealing with Fastly CDN content being blocked by the Great Firewall of China?

Here’s a particular example:

This is (as of the time I am writing this, filename unique hash may change in the future) a live file on the current customer homepage in the HTML source at . Just pick the current name of the /elastic/assets/vendor-* file it is different from the above

It does appear some checkers show problems connecting to this Fastly CDN content URL from China due to blocking by the Great Firewall of China:

This checker also shows that file as blocked:… is 100% blocked in China

I suspect our Fastly CDN shares an IP with some resource that is blocked by the Great Firewall of China for political reasons.

Is there anything we can do to circumvent or get around this?


@codinghorror the short answer is: it’s complicated. There are workarounds we can do on our side that are a little unique for each customer. Folks should contact us directly at for great firewall problems.


Note there are two main types of TLS options for Fastly:

If you are using any of the Paid TLS services, we can assist with options to serve content blocked by China. Please email us directly at

If you are using the Heroku Add-on, there is an upgrade that can assist with the issue. Please email us directly at

Unfortunately, if you are using the Free Shared TLS option we do not have a workaround at this time.


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