Error provisioning TLS for Heroku app


I’m trying unsuccessfully to provision TLS for a Heroku site, following the basic steps listed in this Heroku dev center article. When running the following command:

heroku fastly:tls --app my-heroku-app

I get the following error:

! Fastly API request Error! code: 400 Bad Request Domain is not associated with your service.

Some background which might be relevant to the issue:

We’re in the process of spinning up this new Heroku application to replace an existing site also on Heroku. The current site has been running under Fastly through a Heroku plugin for a few months now using the domain I’m now trying to assign to this new Fastly instance. I’ve removed the domain from the Fastly configuration for the old site (DNS for that is now pointed directly at Heroku rather than Fastly) and added the domain to the Fastly configuration for the new site.


Hi benn

For cases like this where you’re having problems and need assistance but don’t want to provide your details in the post, you should instead send it in as a Support ticket via


Thanks, @justin. I did end up opening a ticket that way, but wanted to see if anyone had any insight over the weekend while I wait for a response. The only detail I included in the support ticket that was omitted here is the actual domain name being configured.