Custom error pages off S3?



I’m aware we can host responses in Fastly and use those as error pages.
But is there a way to do the same with static pages hosted on S3?

I want our devs to be able to customize those error pages, but I don’t want devs to have access to Fastly (api token).

So is it possible to have fastly proxy a s3 file on backend errors? Or we need to use Fastly responses?



You can rewrite the request url in vcl_deliver and restart; the request. And then you can pick a different backend like S3 based on the new URL.


It requires to enable custom VCL right?


Yes, it does. (On my phone, so not being as verbose as usual with things like example code and links.)


Ok, thanks.

We try to stick to non custom-VCL so we can rely you you more.

We’ll use Fastly content responses then.