Clarification on managing logging through the API


I can’t see any way to manage logging services (eg. syslog, papertrail etc…) through the API. However in one of the client libraries there are references to this being possible (at one point).

For example, the go-fastly library has references like:

If I attempt to curl that endpoint I get a 404:

curl -I -H "Fastly-Key:<removed>" -q -X GET

HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
Status: 404 Not Found

Is this something that was previously part of the API and since removed? If so would you consider adding it back in at some point?


Hi Paul,

We do have ways to manage logging with our API, here’s the link to the full docs:

To get the syslog info for your service, you’ll want to use:

curl -XGET -H "Fastly-Key:<fastly_api_key>"<service_id>/version/<version_number>/syslog/



Hey Kami,

Thanks so much! I got too caught in one part of the docs and didn’t see the logging part.

That’s just what I’m looking for.




Awesome! If you have any other questions, send them our way.