"Check cache" features



Having experimented with Fastly for a few weeks, not very long yet, here is an idea… A feature suggestion.
Right now, the “Check Cache” button seems very promising to assist with debugging.
It shows a status code (200 or 503), a response time, a cache server.
However, the information which I had hoped to see, and could perhaps be in a new button called “Debug Cache”, would instead show this information:

  1. the URL or file in question, such as “http://www.example.com/page1” or “http://www.example.com/page2
  2. is this a cache HIT or a MISS? State that.

3a. If it’s a MISS, then what is the reason:

  • Cookie header is set? (cookies prevent caching)
  • Cache-Control=private? (private prevents caching)
  • max-age=0?
  • timed out, but will be cached for next time.
    In other words, answer the question “Why was it a MISS?”

3b. On the other hand, if it’s a cache HIT, then in that case show:

  • Time remaining in the cache
  • Original TTL
  • Any information about the source of the TTL information. Did the TTL originate from a Cache-Control header?

So, the “Debug Cache” button would show those data points. The file, the HIT/MISS status, the reason for the HIT/MISS, the time left in the cache. Nothing more. Each of those labeled in a user-friendly way, “Time left in cache”, etc.

Couldn’t that be helpful for administrators to debug, and understand, how the caching works? Anyway, to consider. :slight_smile: Thanks.