Cache incorrectly serving old content under specific conditions


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Sorry, I’m not used to fastly terminology, so I have no idea of what VCL is.

My idea is that the cache must be aware of that the original file was updated and cached content should be updated as long as the master is online. There may be delay, but definitely not a month long one. If that’s the case, there is a problem on fastly side because old file has stuck in the the cache (probably just a single node) for a month, despite that the original has updated multiple times.

Or is the logic different and if the file is cached it won’t be updated unless it expires? If that’s the case, the TTL of 1 month is definitely a misconfiguration.


The logic is actually very simple: when the master content changes the management system should inform the cache (via a PURGE API call) so that the cache knows to update itself with fresh content. See here. The invalidation of the old content takes milliseconds.

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