Are there any SPDY plans?


Do Fastly have any plans to support SPDY at the CDN endpoints?


@sam The short answer is that we’re shooting for HTTP/2 spec compliance, which takes most of the really good parts of SPDY, and adds goes a little bit further. We don’t have a firm timeline at this point, though.


Any update on SPDY/HTTP2 support? It seems like the spec nearing completion so it would be good to understand where you guys stand.


Hey Richard – Not yet. For something like HTTP/2 support, we’d prefer to do a grand unveil. So I unfortunately don’t have any updates.


Hi, Pestering about HTTP2 support again. I appreciate you would like to do a grand unveil but it would be quite handy for those of us looking to use HTTP2 to have a bit of notice so that we can be ready when it arrives! Cloudflare and Akamai are already offering SPDY support so with those guys we can at least plan ahead.


@richard_still_ft that’s a reasonable request :smile: Shoot us an email at linking to this thread and we’ll see what we can do.


So now Apple is supporting HTTP/2, and since there’s now an RFC number, can we expect to see HTTP/2 support in the near future?


@mootpointer We are indeed actively working on HTTP/2 support, but we don’t have a publicly releasable go-live date (yet).


Gentle bug here nearly one year after OP raised the question.

If it’s of any help, VOX is planning to move all of its properties to a CDN with HTTP/2


Just adding my voice to the requests for HTTP/2. And also so I get notified when this thread gets updated.



I’m waiting for this too, and just a reply to keep me updated.


Any updates on this?


Still a work in progress. We’re wanting to do things right.


Any updates on this? Thanks


Also interested in this


Can we have an update?


Any updates on this? Other CDNs (cloudflare, akamai, cdn77, etc.) already offer http2 support for a long time…


An update on this would be great. H2 is being rolled out by a lot of large websites. Having our CDN able to support H2 would be a pretty big gain for us.


The lack of communication on this topic is amazing.

I am now actively advocating for my company to switch to a new CDN.
If it is impossible to have any update regarding this, there is no point to ask for Zopfli client hints, QUIC, etc


Hey Thomas, I think the issue here is that there’s no HTTP/2 support in Varnish (and likely won’t be) so Fastly most likely have to develop this themselves.

It’s not an easy task to get this to be spec compliant, but it’s probably something that should have been worked on since SPDY was introduced.

There’s actually a lot to be said for ditching a CDN if your front end servers support HTTP/2 and your CDN doesn’t.