Anyway to debug Fastly origin headers from curl?


I know we can use -H “Fastly Debug:1” header but i’m looking for a way to check when fastly set headers hitting orgin (True Client IP for intance).

Is there any headers or value we can set to be sure headers are set? or the debug the whole fastly session?


I imagine you could just make a curl request to your service that you know would be a MISS (like a random URL that will 404) and just look to see what headers hit your origin.

Is that something that would work?


Well, you would see the delta between what headers got sent to Fastly and what headers got sent to your origin.

If you use something like curl -svo /dev/null it will return the headers sent to Fastly. You would just need to compare that to what headers reach your origin and you should have your answer, unless I’m missing something.


thanks Peter, i know what you saying it was just pure curiosity if there was any Fastly header that can provide a full debug including header sets as it was fetch from origin.

thanks anyway.


I really like the idea though!