Adding domains to an existing certificate


We plan to use fastly with the “Shared certificate service” plan.

I understand, that there is no difference in pricing if I use one or more domains in this setup. So a certificate with,, …fr is perfectly valid?

What is the limit on domains that can appear on one certificate?

Is it possible to add new domains to this certificate afterwards?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Christian,

For the Fastly shared certificates there are two options:

Shared single SAN entry and a shared wildcard SAN entry. These are priced on

For a single shared entry you get 1 specific entry such as which would not include subdomains including Or you could have and not

For a Shared wildcard SAN entry you would get * + . This allows for, and so on. Please also note this is to one subdomain level so you could not have * unless you purchased a wildcard for that subdomain level also.

In your case it looks like you need multiple TLDs on a certificate for a similar name. In this instance I would recommend our hosted or managed cert options where we either procure a cert for you or you provide us one. We then host it on our CDN network. These options are priced through as you can configure them to your specific requirements in a variety of ways. SNI, Dedicated IP, provided, procured etc