According to test domain failure


Good morning guys, this is David based in Tokyo, Japan.

Tried to create a new service, but at this moment when I try to test domain, it will show’Error 503 Backend unavailable, connection timeout’. Please help this issue. how can I success to finish my domain test. Whether have somewhere I did incorrect setting or not?

Thanks in advance.

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That generally happens when the domain isn’t responding to fastly’s request for the page, or, it’s taking too long to respond to fastly and times out.


If have any reason due to I still did not setting IP block list, Override host , Server stale, Force TLS and HSTS, etc. the left column is still off. Request settings is ‘0’. Cache settings is ‘0’also.


Hi David

As nealmp mentioned there’s likely a reason for the error but it will make sense to open a support ticket by emailing to so we can go into details with you.



Hello Justin ,
Thanks for you reply.
Ok, i will try to open a ticket for the issue support.
Thanks in advance
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